Open wifi threatened: internet cafes plagued by warnings

Open wifi threatened: internet cafes plagued by warnings

It goes without saying that the menu includes free internet access as well as cakes and pastries. Until recently, if you wanted to go online, you had to stay in the st. Oberholz only has to type in a well-known password. It is no longer that simple.

"Now you have to undergo an annoying registration procedure," argues ansgar oberholz. Until now, the cafe owner had set up a router himself, through which his guests could surf the net without restriction, but now he has handed over the task to a provider. Because in the past few months, several warning letters from law firms have fluttered in because guests in his house have violated copyrights.

Like many other cafe and restaurant owners and hoteliers, oberholz is afraid of high fines and penalties. He doesn’t know who is illegally downloading music in a cafe, sharing protected films or unlawfully passing on games. "As an innkeeper, he is not allowed to check what his guests are doing via his WLAN because of the secrecy of telecommunications," says thomas stadler, a specialist in IT law, who has cases like oberholz’s on his table all the time. He speaks of a real "warning industry".

Once upon a time there were the young savages of kulmbach rehberg

Once upon a time there were the young savages of kulmbach rehberg

"I wish I could grow wings", once wrote joseph victor von scheffel, the creator of the frankenlied. He described the everlasting dream of man to be able to fly like a bird.

An adventure playground

At the highest point of the rehberg, the platte, there was a launching site for gliders in the 1930s. Today everything is wooded, nothing reminds of the former adventure playground of the kulmbach youth.

At that time there was a coarser open space and a wide aisle in the forest in the direction of the kettle. There, the kulmbach regional air sports group taught how to handle aircraft. For young people growing up without smartphones, computers and televisions, this was a huge attraction.

Another detour to aura

Another detour to aura

From the north, from the direction of wittershausen, aura can be reached via a newly built road. In the future, this should also be the case from south, in the direction of euerdorf. But for the time being, this connection has been cut off.

Traffic signs have been announcing it for several days: the route between euerdorf and aura will be closed from monday, 30 mn. July, fully blocked. The state road becomes a construction site. "We are glad that the route is being tackled", says mayor thomas hack (CSU/burger fur aura). For this reason, the closure for the duration of the vacations is gladly accepted.

Anyway, aura has been accessible from the direction of euerdorf only with a restriction for years: the slope section on the route has been closed on one side for safety reasons since the fall of 2012, and traffic is regulated by traffic lights. Because cracks keep appearing on the road surface. The cause is underground. The slope is unstable because of its geology. He moves.

Miley Cyrus: first song after the breakup

Miley cyrus: first song after the breakup

Miley cyrus (26) has released the first single since her split from husband liam hemsworth (29). On thursday (local time) the sanger put the video of "slide away" on youtube and afterwards on instagram.

The celebrity couple recently split after less than a year of marriage, as announced by the management of the singer and actress. Allusions to the breakup can be interpreted into the lyrics to the new song: for example, "at a time when it was like paradise," he says. And further: "one day I woke up and everything had turned to dust."

The song line "we’re not 17, I’m not who I used to be" could allude to the couple getting to know each other. Cyrus and hemsworth met on the set of the film "mit dir an meiner seite" in 2009. Cyrus portrays a 17 year old girl from.

Adelsdorf is remodeling the school

Adelsdorf is remodeling the school

The meeting of the adelsdorf committee for associations, culture, social affairs and education (VKSB) took place on an unusual terrain on wednesday evening, as the committee met in the elementary and secondary school in adelsdorf. Primar to check out the new chairs and desks that were added to two classrooms at the start of the new school year. The goal was to create a more flexible classroom.

"The teaching continues to evolve", says principal christina noth "the demands on the children and the space are different than they used to be." The chairs are height-adjustable so that they can be adapted to the child’s height. In addition, they cannot be tipped, which helps to prevent accidents. The tables have the shape of a triangle with sides of different lengths and can be arranged individually if required. In order to keep the school bags from getting in the way, shelving systems have been purchased in which each child will have a compartment. "A clear added value for teaching through space gain is recognizable", says noth.

Refectory construction is necessary

Each set, consisting of table and chair, costs 200 euro, per cabinet another 200 to 300 euro, so that the total sum for the 66 sets amounts to approximately 30,000 euro. What mayor karsten fischkal the thing is worth, however. "If we are committed to being a family community, then we have to make sure that everything is right for our children."

This time solo: werner schmidbauer comes on the 13th. October to coburg

This time solo: werner schmidbauer comes on the 13th. october to coburg

The songwriter werner schmidbauer comes on friday, 13. October, with his first solo program to coburg. The concert takes place from 20.30 o’clock in the black baren instead.
For more than 20 years werner schmidbauer formed a duo with martin kalberer, at times a trio with pipo pollina and martin kalberer, playing to sold-out houses and the packed arena di verona. Now he returns to his roots as a songwriter with his first solo program.
Reduced to one voice and one guitar, old and new songs take on a whole new depth when werner schmidbauer’s musical treasure chest is opened up. Closest he has ever been to his audience than in this program.
"After 35 years of making songs and after 22 years in a duo with martin kalberer, it is now a great and urgent need for me to stand alone on stage with my songs. I just wanted to let the songs sound pure, i.E. Only with guitar and voice, to stand on stage as a singer with my guitar and experience the intimitacy and essence of my songs together with the audience, unprotected by other sounds and arrangements" says the 56-year-old who has been "live from alabama" for many years hosted and has hosted the tv show "gipfeltreffen" since 2003 as a spokesman prominent fellow hiker accompanied. The rest and the experiences on the long journeys in his "free year" had brought him back to himself, schmidbauer says. "With themselves." Arrived, he now also wants to be much closer to my audience again. Schmidbauer: "we will listen together, groove, laugh, cry and enjoy the moments in the south of our hearts."
Tickets are available from the usual ticket agencies.

Isek requirements were ignored

Regarding the designation of the "schirnaider strabe" building area in eggolsheim: an integrated urban development concept (isek) was drawn up for eggolsheim in a very extensive process. I, as a citizen representative, played an active role in this and in the end made the release of the isek possible in the first place with my signature.

But if the municipality is now acting past the guidelines, this is apparently possible without any problems. This isek, which cost several 100,000 euros, is apparently no longer binding for the mayor and the town council. I am concerned about this procedure.

The "schirnaidler strabe" building area now planned was actually designated as a "post-compaction area for overriding municipal objectives or community needs facilities" set. This includes z.B. Schools, daycare centers, sports halls or nursing homes. Why the municipality is now disregarding these requirements and designating a general residential area parallel to the three social housing buildings in this privileged area is completely contradictory.

With whom were false “waterworks”?

The "inn" special commission (soko) is conducting extensive investigations in the wake of the robbery-murder of a pensioner in bayreuth in april. The police are now looking for people who can provide information about men who identified themselves as "waterworks workers" and thus gained access to the living quarters or were turned away.
After an anonymous phone call on the evening of 12. In april 2017, police officers found an 88-year-old homeowner in his home on innstrabe in bayreuth, seriously injured and unresponsive. The following friday the man died in a hospital. Due to the overall circumstances, the officers quickly assumed a violent crime.
After intensive investigations by the "inn" task force in june 2017, a man suspected of the crime was arrested and, at the request of the bayreuth public prosecutor's office, charged with murder in connection with aggravated robbery.
For the officers of the soko it is of grosser interest, against which persons in the counties of bayreuth and kulmbach in the months of march and april, especially on 12. April, alleged "waterworks" have occurred.

Target group seniors

Offenders visit especially elderly people at home and claim that they have to read the water meter in the cellar or check the water pipe. Possibly they also pretend that due to construction work in the nearby water pipes were damaged and the effects in the house must be controlled.
The perpetrators' goal is always to be let in by the residents and then to steal valuables and money by skillful distraction.
Often the perpetrator confronts the resident alone and then allows his accomplice to enter the apartments unnoticed. Possibly, the "waterworks" used the same method as in the case before a dark audi A 3 with hamburger license plates.
Here is the description of the suspected man: about 30 to 40 years old, 180 centimeters to 185 centimeters tall and slim to strong, everyday clothes, possibly basecap on his head, no french dialect.
The kripobeamten ask: with whom in march or april a man or several manner rang and as "wasserwerker" have themselves issued? Who has noticed a dark audi A3 with hamburg license plates in the above period?? 

B173 near kups: a time of change of course

B173 near kups: a time of change of course

Mdl jurgen baumgartner (CSU) is satisfied with current developments concerning the expansion of federal highway 173 and the redesign of the kups through-route. "The kups market town council has settled on one idea", he states. He cannot go into more detail about the decision of the committee, as it was made in a closed session. But he sees in the current decision of the council members also a result of the recent conversation between the community representatives, state secretary gerhard eck (CSU), representatives of the authorities, member of the bundestag hans michelbach (CSU) and him.

"After the free state of bavaria made a 'draft planning', it was important for us delegates and the building authority to discuss the ideas with the kupsern", it underlines a solution "not against the people of kups" to want to implement. In his opinion, a sensible concept must meet two requirements: it must connect the district well to the long-distance rail network, but at the same time it must not create a needle's eye in kups.

That's what's behind the BN lawsuit
the mayor there, bernd rebhan (CSU), did not want to provide any further details when asked. "Now it has to be clarified whether there is funding for the concept from the federal ministry of finance.", he stated. The best idea is no use if it can never be built for lack of funding. He has written to secretary of state gerhard eck, who has already been very involved and has promised his continued support. The responsible member of the state parliament, jurgen baumgartner, who is very committed to this matter, was also informed and asked to support the solution. Rebhan wants to involve all those affected in good time if the federal ministry of transport gives the green light. "Only then can we enter into concrete planning."

Surprise at the bauhof barn

Surprise at the bauhof barn

During the erection of a trust at the bauhof barn in gnotzheim, it was discovered that the lateral half-timbered wall was shaking. That's why the municipal council meeting on monday evening began at short notice with an on-site meeting.

Actually, the plan for the installation of a workshop was to be voted on. About a third of the barn is to be partitioned off so that the building yard has a heatable room in which to work in winter. However, an initial review of the plans revealed that further fire protection measures will probably be necessary, especially towards the neighboring barn. Mayor rainer ott first wants to discuss this with the district administration office. We will wait for these results before considering an alternative location for the workshop.

Marred crossbeam

Independently of this, however, the side wall needs to be repaired. The truss starts at the bottom on a crossbeam that is in disrepair. Accordingly, it has settled somewhat, so that the connection to the top of the gable is no longer stable and the wall gives way even with slight pressure. The installation of windows should also be included in the planning, the community council decided.