Government warns of overreaction after bonn bomb scare

Government warns of overreaction after Bonn bomb scare

There are no indications of a particular terrorist threat, for example at christmas markets, the interior ministry stressed in berlin on thursday. The two suspects from bonn’s main train station had still not been caught three days after the bomb scare. Investigators assume an attempted attack – but they do not yet know whether terrorists were behind it.

The chairman of the bundestag interior committee, wolfgang bosbach (CDU), certainly suspects a terrorist background. He therefore cannot understand why the federal prosecutor’s office has not yet taken over the investigation. Bosbach referred to the danger of the explosive device on the television station N24 and asked: "what other motive could there have been than to terrify the country with a terrorist attack??"

Meanwhile, the federal criminal police office (BKA) warned against jumping to conclusions. The federal ministry of the interior stated that there were no indications of danger to specific targets: "this also applies to christmas markets. Therefore, with all vigilance, we should not allow our daily lives to be affected."The north rhine-westphalian interior minister ralf jager (SPD) also appealed to the citizens not to let themselves be intimidated. "We must remain vigilant, but not fearful," he told the "general-anzeiger" in bonne.

The highlights of the award season in hollywood

The highlights of the award season in hollywood

In the next few weeks, hollywood will once again be hosting numerous award ceremonies: on 7. The golden globes will be awarded in january, before the oscar nominations are announced at the end of the month for the awards in early march.

The first favorites for the most important film prizes have already emerged – an overview of the works that are sure to play a major role in the many awards:

– "shape of water": the imaginative tale by mexican director guillermo del toro has already been honored with the golden lowen for best film at the venice festival – and in previous years, venice award winners have gone on to win major awards in hollywood. That seems to be possible this time as well, after all "shape of water" is a wonderfully playful, visually powerful and at the same time touching work, the likes of which have not been seen in the past year. It tells the story of a cleaning woman who meets and falls in love with a captured aquatic creature in a research laboratory.

Iss gets new landing pier for private spaceships

Iss gets new landing pier for private spaceships

More private transporters will be able to dock at the international space station ISS in the future. Two US astronauts installed another adapter for docking such flights during an auben mission.

Live images from the U.S. Space agency nasa showed astronauts andrew morgan and nick hague returning to the space station more than 400 kilometers above the earth after six and a half hours in space.

According to nasa, the "starliner" spacecraft of the U.S. Aerospace company boeing and the space capsules of the company spacex will dock at the adapter in the future. The landing pad had been brought to the aubenposten of humanity only a few weeks ago. The astronauts connected the adapter, which resembles a crude ring, to power and data cables and attached a camera to it.

Architecture beats action

Architecture beats action

"Architecture beats act": this was the conclusion of the competition for the picture of the month of the michelau photo friends. After helmut kober asked for more variety in the picture of the month, herbert steiner and klaus gagel surprised the jurors once with nudes. The hope for front places was only partly fulfilled. In the end, photos of buildings once again claimed the top spots.

Herbert steiner was delighted with his winning picture, which he took in the kohary crypt in coburg. The panorama, which was composed of two shots, impressed with its symmetry and atmospheric lighting.

Photographers love spiral staircases

Photographers are particularly taken with the spiral staircases. If these staircase constructions can also be skillfully embedded in the rectangular image format, the author can almost be sure of landing on one of the top places in competitions. Marlis volker used this insight to take a very stylish photo of the staircase construction in the IG metall building in berlin and promptly won second place with her appealing work.

The teuschnitz will receive a gauging station in wickendorf

The kronach water management office intends to erect a gauging station with a measuring channel at the steinweg bridge in wickendorf. At its meeting on monday, the teuschnitz city council gave the go-ahead for the project.

The bridge gauge is used to electronically measure the water level and flow velocity, also with a view to flood events for riparians. The site for the gauging station is granted to the water management office for a lease of 450 euros per year for an indefinite period of time. For the project, a small house will be built to the right of the bridge on the municipal strip of land, about 1.5 meters from the road.

According to michael hebentanz (), the teuschnitz is a third-order watercourse. First and second order waters are state-owned waters. Systematic measurements are already being taken for these, in contrast to those of third-order water. In order to obtain measurement data here as well, the bavarian state office for the environment has picked out a few, including the teuschnitz river.

Rent brake overturned in bavaria – what does it mean for tenants and landlords??

Rent brake overturned in bavaria - what does it mean for tenants and landlords??

On wednesday, the munich regional court overturned the bavarian rent control law in its original form. The rent cap ordinance passed by the state government in the summer of 2015 was not sufficiently comprehensible, a judge ruled.

If – as in munich – the rent brake applies, the prices for re-rentals may be a maximum of ten percent above the local comparative rent. Two tenants from the city center of munich had therefore tried to sue their landlady for information about the rent of their premises.

In june 2017, the plaintiffs failed before the munich district court because the court considered the mitpreisbremsenverordnung to be unlawful. This ruling has now been confirmed by the district court.

Report: Intel faces competition from qualcomm

report: intel faces competition from qualcomm

At this year’s consumer electronics show in las vegas, qualcomm boss paul jacobs will for the first time present notebook pcs that run on his company’s chips, reports the financial news agency bloomberg. At the same time, intel, traditionally the market leader in PC chips, is currently making inroads into qualcomm’s traditional market: also at CES, intel CEO paul otellini plans to present the first smartphones with intel’s new chips.

For years, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, intel, has been trying to conquer the growing market for smartphones and small, mobile internet devices with its processors. According to estimates by the american linley group, the business with devices such as tablets and smartphones and the corresponding chips will grow by 40 percent to 29.9 billion dollars in sales by 2015. To date, apple is the market leader for tablet computers with its ipad – and uses chips based on the technology of the british chip designer ARM.

For a long time, intel was at a disadvantage in the mobile market compared to providers such as the mobile specialist qualcomm or other ARM producers, who are developing much more energy-efficient chips. Even microsoft is now going new ways to not miss the mobile train. While the software manufacturer had relied exclusively on the intel hardware platform with its x86 processors for decades, the company now also wants to run its new windows 8 on ARM chips.

Forecasts: the economic downturn also reaches the Kronach district?

Forecasts: the economic downturn also reaches the kronach district?

Wintertime is forecast time. And with a view to 2019, the german economy is virtually flooded with them. The wahrungsfonds lowered its growth forecast from 1.9 to 1.3 percent, experts see a significant deterioration in economic sentiment, and even the federal government expects a growth dip. How does the local industry deal with such predictions??

IHK: region must present itself better

"As I heard from the companies, there are already the first warning signs as far as expectations for business development in 2019 are concerned", notes hans rebhan. The vice-president of the chamber of commerce has a look behind the scenes that several companies have not yet been able or willing to provide in response to our request for estimates and concrete consequences of the current forecasts. Some companies pointed to the absence of the responsible contact person, some to the need for further analysis in their own ranks.