Ford wants to close plant in great britain

Ford wants to close plant in Great Britain

US carmaker ford plans to close its engine plant in bridgend, uk.

The site, which currently employs about 1700 people, is expected to be closed by september 2020, according to a company statement. The carmaker has two more factories in london and halewood near liverpool.

British car production has long been on a downward trend. One reason for this is the uncertainty caused by the planned brexit. The deadline for leaving the EU has now been extended to 31 december. October extended. The brexit agreement negotiated with brussel has failed three times so far in parliament in london.

Lufthansa sees plenty of turbulence ahead – share price collapses

Lufthansa sees plenty of turbulence ahead - share price collapses

A sharp drop in profits and gloomy forecasts for the coming months have sent deutsche lufthansa AG shares into a tailspin.

According to its own statements, the dax group is suffering from the rise in kerosene prices and the continuing strong competitive pressure in europe. Competition among airlines for passengers remains aggressive, particularly in germany and austria, the DAX-listed group announced in frankfurt on tuesday. This will hardly change until at least the end of 2019.

The company reported a 70 percent year-on-year drop in profits for the second quarter: despite a four percent increase in revenue to 9.6 billion euros, only 226 million euros in profits remained in the end, partly due to an unexpected tax provision.

Forecasts: the economic downturn also reaches the Kronach district?

Forecasts: the economic downturn also reaches the kronach district?

Wintertime is forecast time. And with a view to 2019, the german economy is virtually flooded with them. The wahrungsfonds lowered its growth forecast from 1.9 to 1.3 percent, experts see a significant deterioration in economic sentiment, and even the federal government expects a growth dip. How does the local industry deal with such predictions??

IHK: region must present itself better

"As I heard from the companies, there are already the first warning signs as far as expectations for business development in 2019 are concerned", notes hans rebhan. The vice-president of the chamber of commerce has a look behind the scenes that several companies have not yet been able or willing to provide in response to our request for estimates and concrete consequences of the current forecasts. Some companies pointed to the absence of the responsible contact person, some to the need for further analysis in their own ranks.