Isek requirements were ignored

Regarding the designation of the "schirnaider strabe" building area in eggolsheim: an integrated urban development concept (isek) was drawn up for eggolsheim in a very extensive process. I, as a citizen representative, played an active role in this and in the end made the release of the isek possible in the first place with my signature.

But if the municipality is now acting past the guidelines, this is apparently possible without any problems. This isek, which cost several 100,000 euros, is apparently no longer binding for the mayor and the town council. I am concerned about this procedure.

The "schirnaidler strabe" building area now planned was actually designated as a "post-compaction area for overriding municipal objectives or community needs facilities" set. This includes z.B. Schools, daycare centers, sports halls or nursing homes. Why the municipality is now disregarding these requirements and designating a general residential area parallel to the three social housing buildings in this privileged area is completely contradictory.

I will stay here

I will stay here

Andreas scheuerer astrid dresel has it quiet in her office on hochstadter graben. For almost 30 years there is the travel agency in the city center of hochstadt. Pictures of the sudsee hang on the walls, soft sandy beaches that slide flat into turquoise water and are supposed to convey a paradisiacal calm to vacationers; a cruise ship stands as a lamp on the table, a fountain splashes quietly in front of the office. "Clientele, says dresel "there have hardly been any here lately."

Due to the corona pandemic, the entire travel industry is still experiencing barely noticeable tourist flows. Planes are grounded, cruise ships are anchored, and closed borders have temporarily brought tourism to a complete standstill. One of the worst hit by the lack of tourists has been the travel agencies. Although dresel has been busy every day for the past few weeks – first because of the return campaign, then because customers wanted to cancel their trips – she has been able to do so. But she hardly earned anything during this time. "We are paying money to sit here and work", says the travel agent.

The reason for this is the system of payment for travel agents. Because a travel agency only gets a commission when the trip has taken place. If the trip doesn’t take place, the offices have to work twice as hard without payment. After all, both the booking and the cancellation require many hours of work, explains dresel.

Vibeke skofterud: norwegian olympic champion found dead

Norwegian skiing mourns the death of former cross-country skier vibeke skofterud. The 2010 olympic relay champion was arrested on sunday on the island of st. Helena found dead in the south of norway, as the norwegian ski federation confirmed in a message.

Previously, the 38-year-old, who also won world championship gold with the relay team in 2005 and 2011, had gone missing. In the near of her body was a jet ski. According to police, the norwegian woman was traveling alone, the investigation is ongoing.

Marit bjorgen, with whom skofterud won the 2010 olympic gold medal in vancouver, expressed her dismay. "I am shaking, i am shocked and totally paralyzed by the terrible news i got today. Dear vibeke, that was much too early", said bjorgen according to the newspaper "VG".
Skofterud is "the warmest, sweetest, coolest and funniest woman in the world", record olympic champion bjorgen an. "It is an unbelievable tragedy that our fun-loving vibeke is gone", said national coach vidar lofshus.

Rentweinsdorf is upside down at the weekend

Rentweinsdorf is upside down at the weekend

For a good three weeks now, the sechserrate and their hard-working helpers have been busy transforming the rentweinsdorf market hall into a carnival arena. Now the preparations are as good as finished.

The hand-painted, still top-secret stage design – again sketched by frederik schorn – is ready, the new music system is installed and the spotlights are aligned. The rentweinsdorfer are ready for their two carnival meetings on friday, 15., and saturday, 16. February, from 7 p.M. In the rentweinsdorf market hall.

In order to be true to the motto, you have to reminisce a bit about your childhood. The carnival motto is "the rentweinsdorfers and their heroes of childhood".

Control: some passport stamps can cause problems at the border

control: some passport stamps can cause problems at the border

A german passport opens up many borders. Whoever owns the burgundy document, according to the british consulting firm henley& partners only need to obtain a visa for 46 countries in advance. Seven countries – including the USA, australia and canada – require an electronic entry permit (esta/eta), which should be applied for online at least 72 hours before departure. In 37 countries, a visa is only issued on arrival.

In most countries outside the schengen area, entry and exit are documented with stamps in the passport. They are popular souvenirs for many vacationers. In internet forums collectors discuss how to get hold of a collector’s item in spite of automated procedures. "Some frequent flyers have made it their goal to get a stamp from every country in the world", says sebastian schmidt, marketing manager of visumpoint. The berlin agency helps business travelers, assembly workers and tourists get the entry permits they need.

You prefer to spend your vacation in france? Whether it’s french switzerland, bad kissingen or wurzburg: here are our tips for accommodations in the region.

700.000 Euros have already been spent in kronach

700.000 euros have already been spent in kronach

With the takeover of the kronacher wohnungsbaugesellschaft (KWG) and its properties on 1. March of this year, the zentral boden immobilien gruppe (ZBI) had pledged, among other things, to invest seven million euros by 2015.

As peter groner, chairman of the board of directors, explained, 700 people have already joined since march.000 euros have been spent. In addition, further measures with a volume of 1.5 million euros are being implemented. Further negotiations and tenders are currently underway for work worth around three million euros. No wonder, then, that mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () is fully satisfied with the development and feels vindicated in the decision to have bewitched the kronach housing association. "This was a real iron. And i am pleased to say that it was well forged."

No luxury renovations
Groner emphasized that ZBI wanted to push ahead with the refurbishment of the 775 apartments as quickly as possible. "We don't want to wait three years, we want to do it all in one go." The chairman of the ZBI management board was referring not least to the economic aspect, especially as demand was enormous. "When an apartment is renovated, it's gone immediately", emphasized groner and referred to the 35 apartments that have already been completely renovated. By next year, there should be a total of about 120. He described the type and scope of the renovation as expedient and ultimately geared to the needs in kronach. "It is not a matter of luxury renovations."

Everything new in the youth room in untererthal

Everything new in the youth room in untererthal

The new year is to open a new chapter in the history of the youth center (juz) in untererthal. The problems that have been going on for many years are finally to come to an end. The new team is working hard to do just that.

The young people had barely taken over the premises in mid-december when they started work. In the past few days of vacation and vacations, the ten-strong team has stepped up its efforts even further. The young people from the village were busy with the renovation every day, mostly until the evening hours.

"It’s a lot of work, but we’re all motivated", says yannick hufner, the new juz chairman. There had been some disgrace in the rooms. "The whole floor has been papered over", says his deputy pascal wuscher. The young people not only did a thorough cleaning, but also wallpapered and painted the walls.

Insights into the ebenhausen fire department

Insights into the ebenhausen fire department

"We can rely on our fellow citizens. They come, even if it is not so already, and celebrate with us", says chairman manfred schubert, who has been organizing the festival perfectly for decades. "We need around 50 helpers to run the day in two shifts", he adds. The income was used to purchase a high-pressure air compressor, a folder and a fax machine. The festival visitors know their way around the fire department equipment. Rough guides and explanations were not necessary. Many a question from the guests was discussed in detail with the deputy commander, kai niedergesab. The current equipment includes, above all, a ten-year-old LF 8/6 fire engine with engine fire extinguisher, breathing apparatus and water tank, as chairman schubert explains. In addition, there is a transit bus, built in 1973, in which the volunteers travel to their assignments.

"Our equipment is adequate. But the ford transit has many years under its belt. We review further equipment such as boots, protective suits, helmets and gloves on an annual basis and clarify any additions in consultation with the mayor at the rough municipal level", supplemented schubert. This had been preserved and included long-term wishes and investments. This year, the municipality will also have the five windows in the crew quarters of the ebenhausen fire brigade replaced by the schuler company (ebenhausen). It costs 2500 euro.

"Once a month we call the active members to a training session", adds the deputy commander. "Everybody receives the individual dates at the beginning of the year, in order to be able to keep the day free in the long term. For this we change the day of the week." Of course, not everyone can always join in, for example students or people employed outside the company. "We exercise with the youngsters every two weeks", adds youth director markus krehan. "At the moment we have ten young people who are eager to do their job. Soon we will again invite to our own promotional evening in order to recruit further forces."

Khedira understands non-nomination

Khedira understands non-nomination

"If there are better ones at the moment, then I will accept that, I understand that. But if I’m nominated because the national coach thinks I could help the DFB, then that’s always both an honor and an obligation for me," the 31-year-old juventus turin midfielder wrote on his social channels. Khedira also said: "and if it’s not enough for me, it would be even more incentive for me to keep working on myself. I owe it to my sport, to the DFB, to the people who have supported me and believe in me, and last but not least to myself."

Khedira has scored seven goals in 77 internationals. After their first-round exit from the world cup in russia, mesut ozil and mario gomez announced their resignation from the national team. On 6. September the DFB team starts the newly created national league in munich against world champion france, followed three days later by a test match against peru in sinsheim. The bid for these games will be announced low on 29. August known.

A bicycle path is to be built between ramsenthal and harsdorf

A bicycle path is to be built between ramsenthal and harsdorf

The concept for upgrading the water supply system in the municipality of harsdorf is in place – irrespective of the question of whether the water will continue to be supplied from the deep well shared with the neighboring municipality of bindlach or whether a connection to the bayreuth branch of the upper franconia long-distance water supply system will be realized.

Erich hahn of the engineering firm IBP from kulmbach spoke at the town council meeting on tuesday evening of estimated costs of just under one million euros – not including ancillary construction costs. The committee wants to initiate a grant application for the first construction phase, the elevated retaining wall in oberlaitsch.

The overall concept, which the hof water authority had also requested for the determination of the state subsidies, includes the elevated tank and the pumping station at the sports field (318920 euros) and at oberlaitsch (276 080 euros) as well as the elevated tank and the elevated pumping station at altenreuth (359 380 euros). The water demand was estimated at 10 710 euro. The new process control system costs 71 400 euro. Harsdorf municipality assumes a demand of 50 percent.