Fast, spabby and a bit sexy

Fast, spabby and a bit sexy

"The music is partly chosen by the kids, because they are a different generation", laughs the ballet master of the music school. "And when i listen to the music, i can already see the movements you can do," says wilfried hamm.
Evgenij kalinov has stopped dancing in st. He learned clip dancing in st. Petersburg and got his diploma there. He has performed on the world's stages with the world-famous mariinsky ballet and has also made a name for himself with the leipzig ballet. For more than 20 years he has been passing on his knowledge at the music school. "Clipdancing is specially designed for girls from eight to 15 years of age. Anyone can come", he says. Thursdays from 18.30 o'clock is sniffing allowed.

"I find it quite gratifying that modern forms of dance are offered in addition to classical ballet training.", is pleased oberburgermeister henry schramm about the many still unknown branch of the music school. Head coach harald streit is also enthusiastic about the power the girls are displaying. Streit stresses that it is important to also offer modern things in the music school.

Eight clipdance girls are currently working hard in the ballet hall. You get the impression that there is an inveterate gang of girls at work here. The dancers go all out and have a lot of fun with it. "We sometimes meet outside", betrayal nathalie martin (14). She also got lea lorz (15), who attends secondary school with her, excited about clipdancing. "I wasn't in ballet before, but that's not a problem at all", lea encourages all those who want to start.

Gauland’s visit to stockheim: applause and catcalls – when will the afd coalition with csu be formed??

Gauland's visit to stockheim: applause and catcalls - when will the afd coalition with csu be formed??

On saturday afternoon, the chairman of the afd parliamentary group, alexander gauland, spoke in stockheim at the "old colliery". While he was buried there with frenetic applause from around 170 supporters, there were whistling concerts and protests from around 300 demonstrators in the street. The police had to deal with numerous forces around the "old coal mine" position taken. But everything remained peaceful.

Demo against afd in weibenbrunn

"20 percent for the 14. October – that’s the goal", said gauland. 20 percent because in bavaria this is enough to convene investigative committees. But it will be years before a coalition with the CSU is formed, because otherwise the afd will lose its soul, he said.

Confusion over nationality of boxing world champion charr

Confusion over nationality of boxing world champion charr

After contradictory statements in the media, charr said on tuesday evening on the TV channel sky sports news HD: "i am german to 1000 percent. I didn’t get a chance to pick up my passport in the hustle and bustle. I have a german passport. This is available and in office."

Previously, the kolner "express" had interviewed charr. The 33-year-old boxer is quoted as saying: "my burglary proceedings are on hold because of possible criminal proceedings. This is being clarified by my lawyers, and then I hope to finally be allowed to pick up my passport. But in the end it’s just a piece of paper. What pays is that i feel german at heart."

There were no procedures that could prevent the issue of his passport, said charr later on sky. He will now take a vacation, "then I’ll go to the office and get my passport". He is an athlete who wears the german flag with pride. "Germany has a new world champion. There is no doubt."As proof charr held his german driving license, bank and ADAC card into the camera.

25 Years of mp3 – the music revolution from germany

25 years of mp3 - the music revolution from germany

1000 songs in your pocket."At the premiere of the first ipod in october 2001, apple boss steve jobs summed up the revolutionary concept of the music file format MP3.

The MP3 data reduction process made it possible to fit 1000 pieces of music on a small hard disk. MP3 was not invented in california – but to a large extent in the french town of erlangen. 25 years ago – on 14. July 1995 – researchers at the fraunhofer institute for integrated circuits agreed on the file name extension ".Mp3" for the file standard they had developed.

The origins of the MP3 project date back to 1982. At the time, the aim was to make music files small enough to be transmitted in decent quality over a digital telephone line (ISDN). The student karlheinz brandenburg made the seemingly impossible task the subject of his doctoral thesis at the chair of technical electronics in erlangen.

Guttenberg, one year later

Guttenberg, one year later

"I was always ready to fight, but I have reached the limits of my strength." Words with which karl-theodor zu guttenberg began his resignation as defense minister exactly one year ago. Not in front of the federal press conference, but in front of a few hand-picked journalists in our own house.And he justified his step at the time by saying that he could no longer justify the plagiarism affair being played out on the backs of soldiers in the german armed forces. There was no admission of fault.

This was preceded by several weeks of public dispute over guttenberg's dissertation, large parts of which were obviously simply copied. Most recently, scientists in particular had reacted with increasing emporium to the politician's attempts to put things into perspective. In the end zu guttenberg resigned from all political offices. To the chagrin of the CSU, which had hoped for a new lease of life from the smart crowd favorite. Guttenberg withdrew. A few months later, it was announced that he would be moving with his family to the USA, probably to take a longer political sabbatical.

Eight months after the resignation announcement, there were the first interviews in the U.S., side-swipes at his former CSU friends and the book publication "failed for the time being". This took place immediately after the conclusion of the investigation by the hofer public prosecutor's office, which had certified that guttenberg had committed 23 cases of copyright infringement that were relevant under criminal law. The further investigations were against the payment of 20.000 euros have been set.

State parliament: csu bamberg-land backs dremel

Scheblitz's holger dremel will run for mayor in the state election on 14. October to be CSU direct candidate for bamberg-land. That was clear in the late evening in hallstadt after an exciting delegates' meeting of the CSU, in which the 46-year-old prevailed against four other candidates, elke eberl (hirschaid), karl-heinz wagner (altendorf), alexander hummel (pettstadt) and thomas brandlein (zapfendorf).

Before the vote, each of the candidates was given a chance to promote themselves once again. Dremel prevailed in the runoff election with 65 delegate votes against hummel (44 votes). "I sincerely thank you for the trust and will represent you in the future in munich and in the region. Of course I'll accept the election", said the second mayor of scheblitz after the vote.

Heinrich rudrof announced at the end of last year that he would not run again for the state parliament in the fall 2018 election for health reasons. The 62-year-old sab has been in the bavarian state parliament since 1996 and won the direct mandate in the bamberg-land constituency in the elections of 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013.

Eugh: introduction of a boron tax is legal

Eugh: introduction of a boron tax is legal

According to the luxembourg judges, the eu treaties allow some of the 28 eu states – including germany – to go ahead with the common financial transaction tax first. The court rejected an action by the uk against a corresponding decision by the EU council of ministers in january 2013 (case C-209/13).

The judges do not comment on the specific implementation and content of the tax, but only on the question of whether the council’s decision was permissible. You consider the british complaint to be premature because it relates to the consequences of the tax, which has not yet been decided and whose effect is not yet foreseeable: "this question can therefore not be examined before the introduction of the financial transaction tax."Grobbritannien promptly announced that it would sue again at a later date.

The tax on trading in banking and stock exchange products is seen as a means of curbing speculation and making the financial sector share the costs of the crisis. It is expected to generate some 30 to 35 billion euros in tax revenue for the eleven states.

Enjoyment experience starts on mother’s day

Enjoyment experience starts on Mother's Day

Kirchlauter- the habberg villages of kirchlauter, neubrunn and pettstadt offer circular and cycle paths in a charming, varied and gently rolling landscape. The heilig-lander-gemeinde kirchlauter wants to offer its guests this enjoyment of nature, too, and to this end it will open its doors to the public on sunday, 12. May, the new "enjoyment experience trail through the villages with a festival.

The event kicks off with a church service at 10 a.M. In the area of the meadow orchard and the educational bee stand in kirchlauter; at 11 a.M. The hunting horn blowers will perform. Guided tours on the subject of scattered fruit are at 1 and 3 p.M. At the educational bee stand there is an hourly queen bee search.

On the adventure nature trail you can learn everything important about the topic of orchard fruit, 69 different orchard trees with many old varieties are currently in full bloom there. At a "rotating cube station you can taste your rategluck or read about it in a "blatterbuch" expand one’s knowledge about orchards. At any rate, on this adventure trail you are "on the trail of the scattered fruit".

Chavez wants to run for president

Chavez wants to run for president

He is seeking his third consecutive term in october. Former governor of miranda state, 39-year-old henrique capriles, runs for the opposition. The term of office lasts six years (2013-2019).

Chavez was celebrated by thousands of supporters in front of the electoral tribunal. In a speech lasting more than two hours, he announced a "knockout" victory over the opposition. He would fight and win, he promised. Doctors diagnosed chavez with cancer a year ago. In june 2011 and last february, tumors had been removed from him. He also underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The left-wing populist politician has been repeatedly treated in cuba, sometimes for several weeks. On monday, he was in high spirits and sang several songs to the applause of his supporters. In recent weeks, there has been speculation as to whether chavez, who has been in office since 1999, will actually register as a candidate in the october election due to his health condition.

Number of unemployed drops by 30 in february.000

number of unemployed drops by 30 in february.000

Germany’s labor market remains stable despite numerous prophecies of doom, even in times of an economic downturn. The number of unemployed in germany fell by 30 in february compared with january.000 decreased to 2.396 million.

However, with the rate remaining at 5.3 percent, that is 23.000 more than a year ago, the federal employment agency announced in nurnberg on friday. 885.000 people had received unemployment benefits in february.

Possible effects of the spread of the new coronavirus are not taken into account in the february figures. However, the federal agency announced that short-time allowances could be paid, for example, if supply chains were cut and therefore only limited work could be done in companies. There are initial inquiries from companies in baden-wurttemberg, lower saxony and thuringia, said the head of the federal agency, detlef scheele, on friday. However, no official application has been made so far. It is not possible at this time to estimate how severe the impact on the labor market as a whole could be.